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Sparrows (Fliers #2) – Spoilers

Hey everyone! It’s been a minute since I posted and I promise I’m going to do my best to post at least once a week from now on! I’ve done a lot of reading this passed month and I need to fill you all in on it! Lets get started on Sparrows by author Laura Mae!

Sparrows is the follow up book to Fliers and I’m so happy I got to read an ARC of it before it comes out 06/25/19. First I want to again remind everyone to help and support independent authors! A lot of the times they even have their E books for free on amazon Kindle and you never know what hidden gems you’ll find.

Sparrows – Lets start off with the awesome and the obvious. Syd is a freaking badass! The intro scene to this book when she’s going through the Sparrows initiation has me so tense! I kept telling myself it had to be some sort of Sparrows training but at the same time it had me kinda worried something had happened between book 1 and 2! (I was as you would say, Shook) One of the things I love about Syd is how all she wants is to have a nice life and be left alone but thats not gonna stop her from kicking your ass lol (Can you say lol in a review? Oh well I just did lol)

We have of course Silas, Gia and Willo from book 1 but we also have some new characters and some characters that seem to be trying to redeem themselves! Harold for one, do I wan to punch him in the face? Absolutely. Will I give him a chance to redeem himself? yeah why not but if he doesn’t I secretly hope Syd kicks his ass..Willo in this book kinda really annoys me? but I believe its mainly because we read everything form Syd’s point of view so there’s only one side to the story and one opinion I’m basing my opinion on. Silas..Silas my love (Insert crying emoji) I just want him and Syd to be happy dammit! I would also like to see him as a Sparrow in the next book kicking ass to save Syd. I really want to see more of Gia too she’s good with technology and I feel like we need some chapters from her point of to bring the team full circle (Silas too PLEASE).

New characters – The leader of the Sparrows and his wife..Honestly him I want to punch most of the time and her..I’m not SUPER in love with. Mainly because of the whole ‘Hispanic’ thing. Me being Cuban and being surrounded by my huge Hispanic family I can tell you no one talks like Avani or her sister..BUT do I want to see more of her? Yes, Why? Because her sister is a psycho and for one I can 100% get behind a Psycho character I love villains that are villains just because they’re jerks and Avani’s sister (who I cannot for the life of me remember her name now) is a HUGE jerk, love that.. and the leader of the Sparrows (who I also cannot remember his name what is wrong with me) this guy…I don’t mean to quote Twilight but your mood swings are giving me whiplash. I understand that to leader a rebel organization in a modern time where everyone is okay with the ‘secret’ genocide of an entire race has to be touch and you need a few screws loose but dude relax. The rest of the gang I did love.

You know what I love most? It feels real. No one is mystical or whatever everyone has their personalities, everyone is normal and they just want to live their normal lives.
The setting of the story I think felt just a tad slow for the development and for the ending we got. Don’t get me wrong I loved the ending we got. Syd being captured again AND seeing her father captured as well raises sooo many questions. Did the island get compromised? Was her father ever on the island to begin with? I had a theory that his letters to her might not have been totally real except that if the doctor had her address i’m pretty sure he would have snatched her up. I have a ton of questions and i’m really looking forward to seeing how this story plays out in book #3. Please Please Please give me badass Sparrow Silas Pleaseeeeee

I would have to say my rating for this is somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars i’m on the fence just cause I really wasn’t a fan of the Spanish but I’m never a fan of it in any book to be completely honest. I’m not sure what the inspiration for Avani was but as a character I would tweak a couple things. Though I do have to say the language in this one was a little more harsh than Fliers maybe because things are getting more intense and we have some characters that are quite hostile I’m not one to judge on swearing but as a reader I prefer it on the mild side.

Do I recommend Sparrows? Hell yeah I’m all here for badass female characters! If you haven’t read Fliers then what are you waiting for go read it asap cause Sparrows comes in June 25th!

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